Voies Navigables de France

Creation of a collective brand to promote the Canal du Midi, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site

Conseil / Direction artistique / Stratégie / UX/UI design / Développement

trois enfants regardent le canal du midi

The Canal du Midi brand was created by a group of institutions including Voies Navigables de France, the Occitanie Region and the departments of Aude, Haute-Garonne, Hérault and Tarn, with the aim of revealing and bringing to life this exceptional waterway and uniting people around its history, its structures and its landscapes, so that this jewel in the crown of Occitanie could shine.

Esquisse du nouveau logo
Plénière lors du lancement de la marque
Photo de plusieurs élus lors du lancement de la marque

Creating a strategy to define and promote the identity of the UNESCO Canal du Midi site

The mission entrusted to Inconito was to design a perfectly distinctive brand for the Canal du Midi and a communication territory that could carry all communications - institutional, tourism, cultural, etc.

Une femme avec un verre avec le logo Canal du Midi
Panneau d'affichage
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Conceive an elegant, statutory and exclusive identity to promote a unique, prestigious and world-renowned project

To bring this brand to life, Inconito used a methodology based on co-construction to jointly define the key elements of the brand platform and build the identity and communications on shared values and storytelling. The creation of the identity is based on a strong and unique architectural element of the heritage of the Canal du Midi, namely the canal bridges.

Pages intérieures du code de marque

A journey through history and nature 

Finally, the agency drafted the brand guidelines, a comprehensive guide for all stakeholders and future partners, ensuring a unified visual and editorial approach when discussing the Canal du Midi.

Panneau directionnel

For this project, Inconito had to meet two constraints and requirements. On the one hand, it had to work with the collective behind the brand, namely Voies Navigables de France, the Occitanie Region, and the departments of Aude, Haute-Garonne, Hérault and Tarn, which meant establishing a collaborative working method. Secondly, we had to work to a very tight deadline, 4 months to design and reveal the brand.