Our commitments

Global and digital communication agency with CSR certification

Logo RSE Agences actives

CSR certification

To formalise its CSR commitments, Inconito sought certification and received the Afnor CSR Active Agencies label with confirmed status in December 2022. This specific label for communication agencies covers vision and governance, human resources and social aspects, environmental impact, and service delivery (print, video, digital).

Pacte Mondial des Nations Unies

United Nations Global Compact

The agency is also a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and will publish its first Communication on Engagement (COE) in 2024.

logo opquast

Opquast Partner

Opquast has established a best practice reference framework and issues a skills certification dedicated to measuring the degree of quality control in Web projects.

Opquast has been promoting web quality for over 20 years, and its approach encompasses every stage in the development of a web project: design, production, maintenance and administration. Particular attention is paid to accessibility, the RGPD, security and eco-design.

Inconito has been an Opquast partner since 2014, the entire digital team is Opquast certified and a Web Quality Assurance reference monitors the quality of websites created by the agency.

Charte Numérique Responsable

Diversity Charter

Since its inception, Inconito has been committed to respecting diversity, gender equality, and non-discrimination. The agency formalised this approach by signing the Diversity Charter, promoting a vision that integrates all forms of diversity for better social and economic performance.


Logo Les éléments

Les Eléments, Joël Suhubiette

In 2022, Inconito is supporting the chamber orchestra Les Eléments, directed by Joël Suhubiette, through a combination of skills and financial sponsorship. In 2023, the choir celebrated its 25th anniversary with a retrospective of 25 years of contemporary creation.

logo replantons le canal du midi

VNF – Voies Navigables de France – Replanting the Canal du Midi

Since 2006, the plane trees on the Canal du Midi have been attacked by canker disease. The only solution to this plague is to cut down and burn the dead and diseased trees and replant with new species. It's a huge undertaking between the Mediterranean and the Port de l'Embouchure in Toulouse, with almost 65 kilometres already replanted since 2011. In 2020 and 2021, Inconito has worked alongside VNF to help preserve this jewel of the Occitanie region, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.


Associations EAD, Enfance Adolescence Diabète – KIDIA

Through skills-based sponsorship, Inconito created a mobile app KIDIA to help children aged 8 to 12 better understand their condition and adhere to associated lifestyle rules in the most engaging way possible through fun and interactive activities.

logo toulouse montaudran rugby

Toulouse-Montaudran Rugby School

For many years, Inconito has supported Toulouse Montaudran Rugby, the best rugby school in Haute-Garonne in 2022. The club, which has been awarded 2-star by France Rugby, and as a partner of Stade Toulousain, focuses exclusively on training young players from nursery to junior level and is particularly active in women's rugby, being one of the pioneers in Toulouse.

logo XV parlementaire

Parliamentary XV

Since 2019, Inconito has supported the Parliamentary XV through skills-based sponsorship. Comprising Deputies, Senators, and politicians, the Parliamentary XV represents France on rugby fields worldwide, promoting the values of rugby beyond partisan affiliations.