Région Occitanie

A citizen initiative to promote healthy eating in Occitanie

Direction artistique / Média planning / Stratégie

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Occitanie, the 2nd largest region in mainland France, covers 13 departments and has a population of almost 6 million people. Despite major territorial and social inequalities, the Occitanie region is one of the most dynamics in terms of GDP, research and development, tourist appeal (ranked 4th), agricultural and wine production, and so on.

Since 2016, Inconito has been supporting, advising, and executing campaigns and media for the Regional Communication Department, with a range of complementary image and brand awareness objectives: explaining, convincing, involving, federating, promoting the regional image and winning over new audiences less inclined to consult regional information.

Making responsible eating a dynamic and influential regional movement in Occitanie.

Food, declared a Great Regional Cause 2018, positions Occitanie as a forerunner in responsible food. Gastronomy, an emblematic element of the Occitan identity and way of life, plays a major economic role.
To encourage greater synergy between quality local production and regional consumption, Occitanie wants to take action at every level of the food chain, from production to consumption. To this end, the agency has supported the Region in conducting a citizen consultation and implementing an engaging communication campaign.

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Shooting photo campagne

The Occitanie Region launched a citizens' consultation to encourage the active participation of regional residents and gather their views on their consumption habits and expectations in relation to food. With this in mind, Inconito designed a quirky, inclusive campaign to showcase regional products and local players. The recommended action plan was based on a multi-channel mobilisation strategy (radio spots, TV spots and digital activation).

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