Public Establishment of the Orsay and Orangerie Museums

A digital showcase for young visitors to enhance the appeal of the collections

Conception / UX/UI design / Développement

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As part of its youth outreach policy, the Établissement public du Musée d'Orsay et du Musée de l'Orangerie wanted a digital portal on the borderline between a video game and a website designed for children aged 6 to 14.
For this highly ambitious and prestigious project, Inconito created interactive visual elements based on carefully crafted illustrations, immersing visitors in a world that arouses their curiosity.

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Creating a unique and interactive experience for visitors 

Navigation is immersive and utilises an original interactive map connecting the two museums. Developed on Drupal, this site offers playful features that make learning enjoyable. The platform targets parents and offers visit routes, educational timelines, podcasts, etc., to prepare for the visit in advance.

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Reinventing the museum experience for young people 

This colourful digital platform has helped to revamp the museum's image among young visitors. By stimulating imagination and offering an interactive and creative digital tool that presents Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie in an original and unprecedented way, "Les petits M’O" establish these museums as a must-visit for families and young audiences— a place where both young and old can immerse themselves in art history through tailored offerings and supports.

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Les Petits M’O have been recognized with awards such as FWA of the day, Site of the Day CSS Design Awards, and the Trophée de la com du Sud-Ouest Digital/Innovation 2019.