Strengthening the communication of a medical innovation in the fight against heart failure

Conseil / Direction artistique

Since the historic merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz in 1996, Novartis has ushered in a new era in healthcare. As a world leader, the group is involved in all stages of the healthcare chain, from research and development to the distribution of treatments. Backed by more than two centuries of expertise, Novartis laboratories use scientific research and technological innovation to revolutionise the treatment of various diseases and improve patients' quality of life.

Entresto represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of heart failure. By innovatively combining two molecules that act on two specific pathways of this disease, Entresto is positioned as a leader in its market. In order to capitalise on the current image and momentum of this treatment, Novartis aims to renew doctors' interest by rolling out a new communication campaign.

Strong, symbolic representation to promote an innovative treatment

The agency is working with the Novartis laboratories to maintain doctors' interest in Entresto by creating a strong visual that is both simple and impactful, designed to be incorporated into various promotional tools such as studies and e-mailings, as well as being presented at medical congresses.
The proposed concept highlights the medical innovation of the dual molecule and its effectiveness through a visual representation of a heart with climbing ropes. This approach conveys a sense of safety and robustness, underlining the undeniable reliability of the treatment.

Prior to this creative approach, Inconito gained insight into the world of heart failure by conducting interviews with cardiologists, both private and hospital-based. The aim was to gain a better understanding of Entresto's position in the patient care pathway, assess its reputation and identify potential areas for improvement, as well as doctors' suggestions.