National Theatre of the Opéra Comique

Modernising and affirming the unique identity of a centuries-old institution

Conception / Direction artistique

The National Theatre of the Opéra Comique is one of the oldest theatrical and musical institutions in France, alongside the Paris Opera and the Comédie-Française.  Its particular and unique genre (comic opera) sets it apart from 'classical' opera. In 2017, the Opéra Comique theatre underwent a major renovation campaign, closing for two seasons but continuing its artistic programming. It was in this context of theatre outside the walls that the collaboration with Inconito began.

vue intérieure opéra et planches du dépliant

The Opera Comique : a dynamic stage, a reinvented tradition, an open door to all audiences 

The challenges facing the Opéra Comique at the time were many: to set itself apart from other Parisian institutions with a strong visual identity; to open up the theatre to new audiences (young working people, families, people with disabilities, etc.); to open up internationally, with foreign co-productions and tours; to make opera accessible to people who are far removed from culture; to modernise the image of the Opéra Comique while respecting its fundamental values: tradition, authenticity, creation, innovation, excellence, etc.

vue sur l'entrée de l'Opéra

Creative synergy for a bold visual identity 

Over the course of our five-year collaboration, Inconito's consultancy and artistic direction have focused on finding artists in all disciplines (painting, photography, illustration, collage) who can match the Opera's desired new image, creating visuals for a variety of events (Heritage Days, Open Days, etc.), creating the visual identity for the Opera's new image, and developing a visual identity for the Opéra Comique. ), the creation of the identity for the Patronage (Cercle Favart, creation of the video greetings card), and the production of all communication media (programme of shows, season brochure, leaflets, posters, press advertisements, banners, web, patronage media, signage).

Affichage Bus
Exemple de brochure
Vue sur un épisode de podcast

For this long collaboration, Inconito has conducted a regular and in-depth search for French artists capable of developing the identitý of the seasons. After an initial 3-year cycle with visual artist Matthieu Fappani, a new cycle has opened with artist Julia Lamoureux, whose technique combines Indian ink and the colour layering characteristic of screen printing.