European Consortium Intrepid

Managing the scientific dissemination of an innovative project involving 17 players and 7 European countries

Stratégie / UX/UI design / Design / Développement

entrainement secours lors d'un test

INTREPID is a 3-year European project (2020-2023) involving 17 stakeholders. Its aim is to design and develop a digital platform that assesses risks in crisis environments (natural disasters, etc.) using robots, drones and artificial intelligence.

The aim is to enable first responders (firefighters, police officers, rescue workers, etc.) to save more lives at less risk. Within this ambitious consortium, Inconito is leading the communication, dissemination and standardisation of INTREPID.

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Maximising the visibility of a European innovation project 

Inconito created the project's visual identity and the various associated communication media. Over a 3-year period, the agency's mission was to maximise the visibility of this innovative project, by promoting the progress, news and results of the project to different target audiences (the general public, scientists, the European Commission, companies, first-time participants, etc.). Inconito is also responsible for communicating about the project to the European Commission, companies, researchers and other stakeholders likely to be interested.

une personne des secours utilise une tablette lors d'un test

An innovative technical approach to scientific dissemination

To promote this complex project, Inconito has borrowed from the codes of action films and science fiction to emphasise the technical and innovative aspect of the project, but also to highlight the dangerous environment in which the users operate, and how this new tool can enable them to adopt a safer and more efficient approach to their jobs.

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Inconito is also responsible for developing the UX and UI of the INMOS interface developed as part of the project, responding as closely as possible to the specific needs of end users. To do this, Inconito has implemented a highly advanced UX design methodology: co-creation sessions with end users (firefighters, police officers, ambulance drivers, etc.), to understand how they work, their habits and behaviour, and to be able to respond with an interface that corresponds perfectly to their expectations and demands.