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An information and promotion campaign for the Public Service France Rénov'

Conseil / Direction artistique / Média planning / Stratégie / Design

annonce presse dans un magazine

In a challenging energy context, France Rénov’ is the brand-new public housing renovation service launched in January 2022 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and managed by the National Housing Agency (ANAH). A new name, a new website, a new unique phone number, and new services to be promoted and made known to all French homeowners. It is within this context that Inconito was entrusted with the design and implementation of a universal, relevant, and reassuring campaign to reach as many French people as possible. The objectives of this communication campaign were to support the behavioural changes of the French to reduce the environmental impact of their homes by encouraging them to undertake energy renovation work and thus also meet their expectations in terms of reducing their energy bills.

Affiche de la campagne sur un abribus et dans un magazine

Promote the experience of French people who have already benefited from France Rénov'

Beyond the creative aspect, Inconito also recommended the right media mix between a brand awareness campaign and a local campaign. On the one hand, in terms of the proposed media outlets: a combination of major media (TV, press, and digital) and local media (regional daily press, radio, geolocated digital). On the other hand, in terms of the concept and messages, by seeking to highlight the testimonial approach and sharing the experiences of French people who have already benefited from France Rénov’s services.

Photo d'une personne recevant l'aide
Main avec un portable affichant la campagne digitale

This campaign was first pre-tested to refine the concepts, TV storyboards, radio scripts, wording, and the panel’s affinity with the proposed media. After its broadcast, the campaign was also post-tested to analyse the panel’s perception and understanding of the campaign.